Fee Table

The fees payable vary depending on your situation at the time you submit your application for admission.

These fees are not reimbursable. All amounts posted on this page are tax-included.

One-time fees (apply only once, at the time of the application)

These fees must be paid separately from the dues. Post-dated cheques are not accepted.


Fee Who must pay this fee? Cost
File opening fee All applicants apply for admission $183,96 
File review fee Applicants who graduated more than 5 years ago only* $172,46
File review fee Applicants by equivalence $574,88
Re-registration fee Applicants who are returning to the profession $183,96

*Please note that these fees do not apply to M.F.T.s.

Rate categories for the annual dues for 2019-2020

These fees are not reimbursable.

Payment of the annual dues fees is due on April 1st of each year to maintain your registration on the Membership Roll of the Order.
The fees below include the taxes and the compulsory contribution to funding the Office des professions du Québec.


A reduced rate is available starting January 1, 2019. Applicants who had deregistered from the Roll starting on April 1, 2019 are not eligible for the reduced rate.


Students and new graduates


Rate categories for annual registration Cost
(April 1 to December 31)
Québec university graduating student respecting the  eligibility conditions
Full time, part time and paid availability list
Member who is studying (doctorate)
Doctoral student (with or without employment income) in social service, with proof
Member who is studying (except for doctorate)
Member studying full time and without employment income (in any field)


Employed Members

Rate categories for annual dues Cost
(April 1 to December 31)
Regular rate (member with paid employment in Québec, in any field)
Full time, part time and paid availability list


Members on leave, on an availability list, on sabbatical or outside Québec

When there is a change in your status or your professional activities during the year, you must notify the Order immediately, and where appropriate, an adjustment in dues could be made in your file.

Rate categories for annual registration Cost
(April 1 to December 31)
Leave of various kinds
You must also complete Appendix D – Request for preferential rate – Various leaves (PDF, 1 page, 72 KB)
Preferential rate
Member without employment income and unpaid availability list

Fees for a second title


Rate categories for annual registration Cost
(April 1 to December 31)
Annual dues for a second title
Member who already has one permit                          issued by the OTSTCFQ

Liability insurance

You are required to have professional liability insurance if you practice the profession (whether full time, part time or occasionally).

If you are in independent practice or if you are not covered by liability insurance by your employer, you are obliged to purchase the Order’s liability insurance. It is possible to request an exemption by completing Appendix BSee our page on professional liability insurance to find out more.

Fee Cost
(April 1 to  September 30)
(October 1 to February 28)
Liability insurance $70.85 $35.43 Free
Supplementary liability insurance
Optional for those with an exemption
$12 $12 $12


Payment methods

You can pay the fees for your application for admission in the following ways:

  • Payment by cheque or postal order payable to the OTSTCFQ*
  • Payment by credit card

* If you select this option, please make sure to write 2 cheques; the first for only special fees and the second for dues and liability insurance (as applicable)

Financing is not available.