Re-registration as marriage and family therapist

This section is intended for persons who were previously members of the Order as a marriage and family therapist.

Documents to attach

The following documents must be attached to your application for admission:

1. Application for re-registration /Form for re-registration as a marriage and family therapist

The Application for re-registration /Form for Re-registration on the Membership Roll of the Order (PDF, 502 KB) must be completed using the Reference Guide for your Application for OTSTCFQ Admission or Re-registration  (PDF, 1,10 Mo).

2. Appendix C  (only if you have been the subject of a court or disciplinary decision in the past)

You are obliged to inform the Order of such a decision.

To do so:

Applications containing a court or disciplinary decision are studied by the Admissions and Equivalences Committee.  Their recommendations are then sent to the Executive Committee.

This may take as much as 12 weeks.


Fees payable

The fees payable will vary according to your situation at the time you apply  de réinscription.

These fees are not reimbursable.


Liability insurance

You are required to have professional liability insurance if you practice the profession (whether full time, part time or occasionally). See our page on professional liability insurance to find out more.

If your are in independent practice or if you are not covered by liability insurance by your employer, you are obliged to purchase the Order’s liability insurance.  It is possible to request an exemption by completing Appendix B. .

And then?

Send us your documents  by mail to the following address:

Service des admissions
Ordre des travailleurs sociaux
et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec

255, boulevard Crémazie Est, bureau 800
Montréal (Québec) H2M 1L5

Applications received by email or fax will not be processed.


Time for processing an application for admission

A period from 3 to 4 weeks is likely for the issue of the permit and re-registration on the Membership Roll of the Order from when your file is considered complete.

Once your registration is completed, the Admissions Service will send you:

  • A letter confirming your re-registration on the Membership Roll of the Order
  • Your membership card and tax receipts (expect an additional delay for obtaining these documents)
  • Documentation on insurance available

If you wish to receive a new permit to display in public view, please request one from Ms. Soraya Aksouh (whose contact information appears on the bottom of this page).

Period for preservation of incomplete applications

An incomplete file is destroyed one year after the date you were informed that your application was incomplete.

You will have to start a new re-admission procedure, including the payment of the file opening fees and, if applicable, the file review fees.

For any questions, please contact:

Soraya Aksouh, Secretary
Admissions Service
Telephone: 514 731-3925, ext. 351
Toll-free: 1 888-731-9420, ext. 351